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Spitzer Hyundai Parts Center

Why Use Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts?

Visit the Spitzer Hyundai Parts Center in Cleveland to fill all of your Hyundai automotive needs. Our Parts Center keeps a well-stocked inventory of Hyundai genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for repairs at our dealership, or projects you want to tackle on your own. OEM parts are made by your vehicle’s manufacturer, just for your specific vehicle. Using OEM parts means that our repairs, and your projects, will be done right.

When you visit an unauthorized repair shop, you can never be sure what kind of parts they’re using on your vehicle. Some might be mass-produced aftermarket parts that don’t fit properly, some might be of lesser quality, and some might be reconditioned parts taken from other vehicles—you just don’t know.

Using OEM parts as we do at Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland, means that they will be made by a guaranteed Hyundai manufacturer, they will be exactly like the parts they’re replacing, they will fit your vehicle perfectly, and they will ensure that your vehicle’s systems will run smoothly and efficiently.

The Service Department at Spitzer Hyundai

Bringing your car to Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland not only means you’ll be getting OEM parts, but it also means that one of our highly-trained Certified Technicians will be servicing it. We call our system Car Care, and it was developed to deliver top-notch service from an authorized Hyundai dealership using genuine Hyundai parts.

Whether you come to our Service Center for a major transmission repair, bodywork, a diagnostic test, or a routine maintenance check, you’ll get the same quality service and the same quality parts used on your vehicle.

At Spitzer Hyundai, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our technicians are committed to providing quality service in an efficient and timely manner. They’ve been through rigorous training and completed many service hours to earn their positions. They know your vehicle well and are eager to get it fixed and back out on the road.

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The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Our service technicians know how important routine maintenance is to your vehicle. That’s why they’re more than happy to help you with services like regular oil changes. Regular oil changes make a huge difference in your vehicle’s performance and lifespan.

Routinely changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle will provide better engine performance, give you better gas mileage, extend the lifespan of your engine, and emit less harmful emissions into the environment.

Making an oil change appointment with Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland is easy and hassle-free. We have convenient service hours Monday through Saturday, and you can schedule an appointment online or give us a quick phone call. If you’re a returning customer, it’s even easier to make an appointment with us, as we help you keep track of your vehicle’s needs.

Along with routine oil changes, you can also schedule other important maintenance services with us including a tire rotation, wheel alignment, battery checks, engine air filter changes, and fluid and light checks. Our goal is to keep your car running properly and efficiently.

Order Hyundai Parts Online

At Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland, we strive to keep a large selection of OEM parts in stock. But, if the Hyundai parts you need are not available, you can order them through our dealership. We’ll let you know when they arrive, and you can have them installed during a service appointment if needed! 


Before you start a parts order, check out our specials to see if there’s a parts offer you can use. We often have specials on tires, filters, and other essential parts! We stock a large range of parts and accessories in Cleveland, including but not limited to: 


  • Tires
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Exterior Lights
  • Exterior Vehicle Care Kits
  • Brake System Upgrade Kits
  • Engine Covers
  • Exhaust Upgrade Packages
  • Floor Liners
  • Driver Pedals
  • Rear Cargo Organizers
  • And More!

Visit Our Parts Department

Our Parts Department at Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland stocks a large inventory of genuine OEM parts and sells them at a fair price. We also sell a wide variety of Hyundai accessories for Hyundai vehicles’ exterior, interior, electronics, and cargo, that can be easily ordered from us online.

You can get crossbars and a Pulse M Thule Cargo Box to amp up the storage in your 2021 Santa Fe, All-Season Fitted Floor Liners to keep the floors of your 2021 Elantra dry all winter, Front and Rear Mudguards to protect your 2021 Kona, a Roadside Assistance Kit or even a Swarovski Crystal Hyundai keychain.

No matter the parts or accessories you might need, you can find it at Spitzer Hyundai. And, if for some reason we don’t have what you want, we’ll be happy to place an order for you and have it shipped right to your residence.

Trust Spitzer Hyundai for Genuine Parts and Service

Your vehicle is often the most expensive purchase you make after your home. Because it’s such a big investment, it’s important to take the best care of it possible. At Spitzer Hyundai, you can trust us to help you do that by offering top-quality service from expert technicians, genuine Hyundai parts, and an attitude of caring and commitment. Stop in and see us today.

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