Need to Schedule Oil & Filter Change?

Need to Schedule Oil & Filter Change?

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Vehicles with combustion engines need regular oil change service. Routine oil changes protect your Hyundai’s engine from heat and friction. After time, the oil that lubricates your powertrain needs replacing, and the oil change service in Cleveland at Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland is the best choice for your high-tech Hyundai.

Our factory-trained and certified technicians rely on genuine OEM parts and oil especially recommended for Hyundai engines. Along with filling our service center with expert technicians, we take pride in offering top-notch service, which is why we include the Spitzer Shield with every vehicle. Each vehicle includes a powertrain warranty, price guarantees, and more customer-focused features.

Why Choose Oil Changes at Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland

If you neglect getting oil changes for your Hyundai, you risk shortening your vehicle’s life. On the flip side, regular oil changes can actually extend the life of a vehicle and prevent more costly repairs down the road. Hyundai vehicles need engine oil to run efficiently, and getting your oil changed by the experts who know your vehicle is the best choice.

Motor oil lubricates engine components. But, as it moves through your powertrain it picks up contaminants that could damage your engine. Changing the oil adds fresh, clean motor oil to your high-tech engine to keep it running like it did when it was new.

Hyundai vehicles need oil changes based on mileage and time. The manufacturer adds recommendations for Hyundai oil changes in the owner’s manual. Those recommendations are based on average driving situations, so if you drive in harsh conditions with plenty of stop-and=go traffic and idling, you should consider getting your oil changed more often.

When you bring your Hyundai to Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland, you are bringing it to the experts. Our service advisors record every repair and maintenance session, so you build a vehicle history that can add to your Hyundai’s value. Our service technicians also perform a multi-point inspection so you know how everything is running in your vehicle.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Vehicles perform better when they have the manufacturer’s recommended engine oil: either synthetic or conventional. Your service technician knows the best type of oil for your vehicle, and our service advisors track the oil used in each oil change.

Synthetic oil and conventional oil are both petroleum-based products, but conventional oil has less filtering and processing than synthetic blends. Conventional oil is generally thicker and takes more time to flow through engine parts than synthetic oil.

Because synthetic oil is heavily processed, it has fewer impurities than conventional oil, which helps it withstand higher temperatures and lubricated engine components in more demanding driving conditions. Engines tend to stay cleaner longer with synthetic oil.

Older models tend to benefit from conventional oil because they need a thicker product that provides more protection. Your service adviser can help you better understand your vehicle’s engine oil needs.

Hyundai Services in Cleveland

At the Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland Service Center, our factory-trained technicians provide a full lineup of routine maintenance and high-tech repairs. They can do regular maintenance like changing the air filter, replacing wipers, and rotating tires. They can also do complex repairs to transmissions and engines.

Regardless of the service, our technicians use technology designed for Hyundai repairs and maintenance as well as Genuine OEM Hyundai parts that are engineered precisely to fit in each model.

We understand that our customers have busy schedules, so we offer several scheduling options. Customers can schedule through our convenient online scheduling option, or they can call or stop by to talk to a service advisor. We invite our customers to visit our website regularly to learn about our service specials, which we update frequently.

When you choose service from a dedicated dealership like Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland, you get expert service from technicians who know your vehicle. They use parts that fit, and they fix the problems the first time.

Choose Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland for Hyundai Service

Using professional and well-trained service from Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland keeps your high-tech, precision-engineered Hyundai running as it should. Our Hyundai-trained techs and our dedicated service advisors provide the best service around to help you take care of your investment. We look forward to working with you and getting to know your Hyundai. Schedule oil and filter change today.

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