Where’s the Top Stop for Cabin & Engine Filter Replacement?

Where’s the Top Stop for Cabin & Engine Filter Replacement?

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Cabin & Engine Filter Replacement: The Key to Smooth Rides

Looking for literal fresh air when you hit the road? Then it’s time for a cabin and engine air filter replacement to help weed out contaminants from entering your interior. Not to mention, you’ll also aid in pushing out funky scents and sounds to help your rides reach peak levels of enjoyment.

For peace of mind, Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland also only allow certified and factory-trained experts to work on your car or SUV—in other words, these are professionals who know Hyundai models inside and out, and know the full difference between a Tucson and a Santa Fe (alongside virtually all other Hyundai vehicles from the last 10 model years).

So, help clean out your car today and schedule your service for engine and cabin air filter replacement online.

But First…What Are Your Engine and Cabin Air Filters?

First things first—both these parts are commonly referred to simply as an air filter, and together, they work to prevent unwanted particles and contaminants from cycling through your motor or entering your car through your air conditioning system.

You’ll find your cabin air filter behind your glove box, and this location forces most of the air that enters your vehicle to first pass through the filter, helping you breathe in clean and odor-free air. For your engine filter, the particles struggle to enter your powertrain, which helps keep your oil clean and parts working as intended.

How Do I Know It’s Time for a New Air Filter?

For your air filter, start by simply inhaling—can you smell a musky or unpleasant odor? These can be anything from mold particles to contaminants—but either way, a strong smell means too many are usually entering your cabin. Also, feel the air around you—if you’re noticing less flow than usual when your fan is on the maximum setting, there’s a chance your filter is the culprit, especially when you hear a whistling sound from your ducts.

For your engine filter, your best option to know about a replacement is with a quick visual inspection. Do you notice black on the parts where air enters? If so, you’ll usually want to schedule a replacement with us.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll also want to get your filters replaced annually—maybe even more if you drive through dense or dusty areas, as your filters will accumulate more particles. If you’re ever unsure, our team can also perform a filter check for you during your routine maintenance for other services to help you judge when to perform a replacement.

Do I REALLY Need to Change My Air Filters?

If you want pleasant and relaxing rides, you’ll replace your cabin filter since you can keep pollutants out of your car. We’re not just talking about smog here, but allergens like pollen and the fluff that floats through the spring air can also get caught in your filter before entering your cockpit, which helps you literally breathe easy.

Also, changing your air filter can put an end to embarrassing musky odors, which can otherwise result in headaches and annoyances with the unwanted smells in your cabin. During extremely hot or cold weather, you’ll also be happy to work with a fresh filter since a buildup of contaminants prevents the appropriate amounts of warm and cold air from your HVAC system from entering your car, which leads to further discomfort.

Keeping up with your engine filter helps boost your performance since your motor won’t need to work as hard to circulate air to power your ride. Also, since your powertrain doesn’t stress itself as much, an engine air filter change can help with your fuel economy—and who could argue with more affordable cruises?

A Breath of Fresh Air: It All Starts in Cleveland

Ready to clean out the air in your cabin and motor? Schedule your cabin and engine air filter replacements online at Spitzer Hyundai in Cleveland today to boost your cruising comfort.

While you’re here, our team of certified experts can also help guide you through the process of knowing when it’s time for your next replacement, or answer any big questions that pop up, like how an engine air filter change can boost the performance of your Veloster or if a cabin air filter change can lead to more pleasant rides in your Venue. It’s only the start of how your needs rank first with us, your local Hyundai service department.

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