Do You Need to Schedule a Battery Replacement?

Do You Need to Schedule a Battery Replacement?

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Routine maintenance helps reduce unexpected car problems. The Service Center at Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland is dedicated to providing outstanding repair and maintenance services. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations whether they need routine maintenance like our Hyundai battery service or major engine repairs.

Battery Replacement Service

Vehicles rely on batteries to provide the charge that starts the engine. One of the first signs that your vehicle might need car battery service is if it won’t start. The battery also powers your entertainment system, interior lights, headlights, computers, and sensors.

Inside the engine compartment, car batteries withstand weather extremes, moisture, and daily use. Over time, they wear out. If you need battery replacement in Cleveland, our certified technicians can help you.

Battery Replacement FYI

When our certified technicians work on your battery, they first remove the old battery and properly dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. Then, they replace it with a new battery fit for your vehicle. If the terminals and wires have corroded, the technicians will replace them, too.

Because several factors like corrosion, problems with terminals and wiring, grease, and engine dirt can affect the battery, sometimes the area around your battery needs cleaning rather than replacing. With our multi-point inspection services, the certified service experts at Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland can tell you if your vehicle needs a new battery or something else.

If your Hyundai needs a new battery, our technicians know which one is best for your vehicle. Car batteries come in various sizes and have different capacities. Car batteries might all look the same, but their internal components differ. With Hyundai service from Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland, you can trust that our service technicians use the parts that fit your vehicle.

How to Tell If You Need a New Battery

Batteries don’t often show their age well. Instead, they tend to just stop working. When your battery needs to be replaced, you might not be able to start your car, or features of your vehicle might stop working.

When your Hyundai is between three and five years old, it’s time to start testing it. Hyundai technicians can use a quick test to determine your battery’s health and life span. With a Hyundai battery tester, the technicians can check the Cold Cranking Amps needed to start your vehicle, the Reserve Capacity, State of Charge, Open Current Voltage, as well as Resistance. The test will help you understand when your Hyundai needs our certified battery service.

Trusting the Spitzer Shield

Buying a Hyundai from Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland includes the Spitzer Shield with several new and pre-owned vehicle benefits like price protection and powertrain warranties. We take pride in selling reliable vehicles and providing outstanding service, too. Our goal is to make owning a new or pre-owned vehicle stress-free.

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